Friday, September 12, 2008

The mail must go through

Two posts close together, now that is scary! I don't know where the day went, it kind of flew on by. And I can't even say I have any good excuses. All I know is I had filled orders this afternoon and wanted to get to the post office before it closed. I was running late and all ready to go.....and then the Tornado sirens went off. Although it drizzled and rained most of the day it just didn't look like a Wizard Of Oz type day to me. So what the heck, the mail must go through and you know I like this type of weather, cackle, cackle. Cleo always gets a little nervous though, so I threw her in the car along with our packages and walkie talkies. That way while I was inside the post office she could look for funnel sightings and let me know what was going on. The sirens went off and on for the next 2 hours, geeze! While waiting to get funneled up I called daughter #2 in OKC to say my good-bys- she didn't answer her phone. I didn't call daughter #1 in Dallas as we had talked earlier in the day and I knew she would be out for the evening. Baby boy was at work and hubby was somewhere in the friendly skies making his way home from Cleveland. So okay family, In case you're wondering, I'm still here! My dear girlfriend Jan down in Atoka OK did shoot me an email tonight to check in on us, or me that is, that felt nice, thanks Janie!

I had wanted to post a picture of this lovely quilt kit I received in the mail from Carol. Carol had a giveaway on her blog, Cornfield Quilter, and my name was actually drawn! I was floored, I really never win anything, ever, and this came as a great surprise. The pattern is called "Simple Pleasures" and the kit features beautiful feed sack prints. What a lovely, lovely giveaway, thanks again Carol!
My thoughts as I am sure everyones are with those who live along the Gulf coast this weekend.
I hope you stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Glad your still alive! Tornado sirens would probably give me a heart attack!! I love the freebie you won - it looks fabulous! Have a safe & happy weekend!!

Anonymous said...

uh, whoops. lol. I can't believe you put Cleo in the car?! I'm surprised she didn't freak out and claw you to death. She must have thought that was interesting! Maybe you need to get one of little dog purses and put her in it. Then you can just take her with you everywhere! Wouldn't people love that?



Rainy rainy rainy here. Recovering from the race this morning-10k worst time ever. Oh well. I'll blame it on the rain. off to nap with the boys. I will call you later alligator. Love you Mommy. Cool prize. Does this mean Missy gets her prize winning genes from you?

xoxo, #2

Becky said...

You're cracking me. Since I don't live very far from you, your take on the weather was pretty funny. It was YUCKY, I'll give you that.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Glad your ok. The new kit looks pretty. Congrats on your win.