Saturday, May 30, 2015

Soggy and Wet

Hello! We are back from visiting our lovely Texas daughter and fun Grandsons over Memorial Day weekend. It rained most of our visit but in-between storms we were able to get out and about. We went to Grapevine which is always fun visiting the shops there. We ate lots of good food, played lots of Yahtzee and well just enjoyed being with them! Flying out of Dallas on Monday proved to be an ordeal but we made it home safe and sound on the last flight. 

And now I am back to my normal routine. Filling my dining room with boxes and totes, getting ready for the Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival which is the weekend of June 19th. I am excited to vendor at this show, if you click on the link you find a list of vendors and teachers. If you live in the area don't miss out on this fabulous show!

You will find me in booth 641 in my cute apron. I am now working on an apron for Cleo. Ha, Cleo will not be there, but my friend Patty from New York will be! She is flying all the way in too help and visit of course. Come say hi!

Do you label all of your quilts? I have to admit this is not my favorite thing to do, and so I have been working on adding labels to a small stack. All of my labels have my cute Cleo logo appliquéd  in various fabrics on them. I love when they are done!

And so what is Daisy up too? We have been working on a better brushing routine, as you can imagine with all that beautiful hair she needs brushed daily. And because Daisy does not like brushing this is our on going battle lol. She loves to play and so I tempt her with special toys during this time, this works for a short spell but not for long, she has figured out this trick pretty fast! 

Enjoy your week and I hope you find plenty of happy time! Wether it's spent sewing, or tending your garden, take time to smell the roses:)

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WoolenSails said...

It is horrible what is happening in Texas, glad your trip was uneventful.
Daisy sounds like my kitties, they hate brushing and one has long hair and it is always getting matted.