Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stack of quilts

A busy week for me, gathering quilt and penny rug models, printing patterns, checking my lists once and twice. It is a lot of work to present and pack up a trunk show, but oh so worth the fun and adventure. Next week I am going to visit The Silver Needles Quilt Guild in Salina Kansas, I look forward to sharing my work and celebrating their 35th year guild anniversary with them! 

I stitched up a few pin cushions to add to gift bags.

I'll tell you, if they could only see mine lol! This is what sadly I most often do, stick pins to my sleeves and pant legs while I sew. I have pin cushions, one at my cutting table, one at my desk and one at my sewing table. But somehow all the pins seem to end up in  one or the other.

And because I was so jealous of that wrist pin cushion, why I made one for myself! 
Sometimes it's the little things that make life easy.

Ending my post with a picture of my cute girl... 
have a fun and fabulous week!

Barbie Jo and Daisy

1 comment:

LN in TX said...

I have a fear of pins, so mine go directly to the pincushion.
I see your featherweight there, I have one too. I love it!