Thursday, December 4, 2014

Let the fun begin....

Wow, phew, Christmas is in full swing here! Started my decorating the day after Thanksgiving and have made pretty good progress with that. Don't you just love saying hello to all your favorite Christmas goodies after they have been tucked away for a year! We were a little leery about setting our tree up with Daisy experiencing her 1st Christmas. She however has been pretty good so far and has not tried to climb it. She does however love the tree skirt with its jingle bells, and kind of likes to bat those ornaments and get them all swaying a bit. Needless to say the bottom branches have been left fairly sparse.

 I thought I would beat the rush and finish my shopping this week. With most of our family out of town I like to get after it right away. Much to my surprise it seems like everyone had the same idea, every store was packed and lines were long, not everyone had a fa la la attitude lol! Bone weary, eyes glazing over and running out of steam I stopped and treated myself to my fave sandwich at Dean & Delucca before trudging home. Turkey, brie, apricot glaze on sourdough, and who could resist a  few cute petit fours to go!

When I got home Daisy had hung her stocking on the mantle.

She has been a very good girl. I decked her corner out with a garland strung with toys and bells, hoping it would distract her from the tree and other such goodies. Knock on wood so far I think it has helped!

This weekend... let the cookie baking begin! Hoping your holidays are more joyful than stressful,
Barbie and Daisy

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WoolenSails said...

I need another month to get ready, lol.
I got my decorations up and notice i need a lot of things, so going to make a list and work on them this year, so i will have things for each area that I want to decorate. I don't dare put up a tree, so using a few small ones and even still, the kitties are trying to eat everything or knock it on the floor so the puppy will eat it;)