Friday, December 12, 2014

Be Merry!

Another week closer! This past week in my house was baking time. The flour was flying, bowls of colored icing, sprinkles and glitter littered every inch of counter space.

The old nut grinder was put in to use as I tackled some of our favorite Christmas cookies.

Peanut brittle and those Rollo/pretzel/pecan candies were made.
Dishes and counters were piled sky high with no helpful elves in sight. Everything was packaged and mailed or put in containers... and then the kitchen cleanup began. Phew.. thats a lot of work!

And so yesterday I was very ready to get out amongst humans, and do what people do this time of year, eat and be merry! And so Hubby and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch on the Missouri side, at Cafe Europa in the Brookside area of Kansas City, we had the best Reuben sandwiches.. yum yum!
One of the fun things about living here is we are only 10 minutes from the Kansas/Missouri state line.
We enjoy the best of both worlds!  

Lunch was followed by a little shopping. Here we are in the New Dime Store, similar to an old fashioned variety store, aisles and aisles of nostalgic fun!

To complete my fun day the postman brought me a package... a Christmas Elf soft doll designed by Valerie Weberpal. He's so cute, everyone needs a helper this time of year! 

Be Merry!

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WoolenSails said...

Those cookies look delicious. I have been sick for weeks with a bad cold, so no shopping for me. Thankfully online shopping is something fun to do when you are sick;) I also worked on last minute gifts, so now I can relax and make things for fun and enjoy the holiday.