Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On the road again....

Back from a quick weekend getaway! We visited long time friends on their beautiful ranch in Western Oklahoma. Talk about wide open spaces, I would need a panoramic lens for you to take in the scope of how beautiful the views were from every angle! You can see 30 miles away, and he skies are not cloudy all day!

We drove around the property, signs of an old homestead.

Lots of unique vegetation. I love these, they are thistle I think? We saw a family of deer and an armadillo on the way.

We gathered petrified wood, rocks and old pottery shards from land run days. If you have never been to Oklahoma you will probably find the red dirt interesting, it covers everything, even these pieces.

Martha and I on their tractor LOL!

Martha is a wonderful cook and she spoiled us badly, three fabulous meals each day. I am sure to hear about this for days on end now that we are home!

It was so great seeing them but some good things must come to an end while the next journey continues onward. Next stop.... Oklahoma City, a quick visit with our Oklahoma family where we picked up our Texas twin grandsons and drove back to Kansas with them for a summer break. 
And we are going to be very busy these next two weeks! 
New design just released!! Santa and some of his fun reindeer crew are featured on this cute Christmas wall hanging. Fusible appliqué, easy piecing, so fun!! Now available on my web site at www.cleoandme.com

Daisy was so happy to have us home again. I can't say enough about how quickly we have become attached to her, she is just the sweetest thing!

Time to get the boys started on bedtime... another full day tomorrow!

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