Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July Fun!

We're back from a little getaway. Hubby and I drove home to Pittsburgh for the 4th of July week. That's a little haul from Kansas, the roads were super busy, everyone was on the go!
!st time we left our little Daisy and as you can see she was not too happy for us to leave!

My beautiful home town! My heart always pitter patters when we burst through a tunnel and see this beautiful city on the rivers! 

A lot was going on during the 4th of July weekend, the Boat Regatta,

and Furries were everywhere downtown for the Furry convention.

We stayed with my brother and sister in law, they spoil us rotten and make sure we get all our favorite Pittsburgh foods and activities crammed into 1 short week! While the boys golfed, Julie and I went to visit the Sarris Candy store and factory in Cannonsburg Pa. I order this chocolate on line for holidays and have it shipped, so I was in chocolate heaven! This carousel is made out of chocolate, it is so large I could not get an entire picture of it.

A close up of it's chocolate cuteness!

After leaving Sarris we drove around Cannonsburg looking for a lunch spot. I had to take a picture of this house all decked to for the 4th. Streets were lined with chairs for the parade 2 days early. Cannonsburg has the 2nd largest parade in Pennsylvania.

We drove around downtown Pittsburgh doing some sightseeing and shopping. One of our stops was the fish market Wholey's in the strip district. Clams and other goodies were purchased for the big picnic. Lots and lots of eye candy in this store, so fun!

We ran in to Mancini's Bakery next door. Now... I just freak out over a real bakery!! We don't have that here, and Pittsburgh Italian bread is to die for! I had several loaves wrapped to bring home with me, they were so nice in there.

Our trip was made extra special getting to spend time with our nieces and nephew, babies and their dogs lol! 
I also spent an afternoon with my Daddy who turns 97 in 2 weeks! He had us so busy running all over   town I did not get a picture this trip. He took us to his favorite restaurant for dinner to end our day.

Hubby and I went kayaking with our brother in law and niece at North Park lake. Neither Hubby or I had kayaked before, it was so fun!! I think we may have found a new interest. The hardest part though is getting in and out of the kayak, believe me, that was not a pretty picture on my part lol!

And now after this wonderful trip full of family and fun we are home again. Daisy was so very excited to see us, she still is a baby after all. 
I introduced a new pattern this week: "An Apple A Day" If you love apples this runner is fast and fun to make!

Still catching up on laundry and all that comes with being away. 
Also writing instructions for the next pattern which should be ready soon, best hurry, Santa will be here before you know it!

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WoolenSails said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun and a fun place to celebrate. Once you kayak, you get hooked, it is fun, relaxing and great exercise. You can always get a sit on, which is easier to get in and out of but then you are limited to warm waters.