Sunday, February 16, 2014

Kittens and chocolate!

On chocolate overload after a sweet Valentine weekend. Hubby and I always celebrate Valentines Day at home, cooking a special dinner. We long ago decided in some ways this was more relaxing than going out. The dining room is all decked out. And you may wonder why there are baby kittens hanging from my chandelier. Well... I have been waiting for a litter of kittens to be born. You can view them here at They were born on the 13th and I am on the waiting list to adopt one. I am beyond excited and I will keep you updated as the process moves along!

Back to Valentines Day, I slaved away in the kitchen all afternoon. Making a yummy dessert and......

our favorite dinner! Who doesn't love steak, green beans, potatoes grand mere and a glass of wine by candle light. It was YUMMY!!

With a side of chocolate. I got Hubby the giant size box this year, he said oh my goodness this is way to much chocolate... ha ha... I'm sure someone will help him out with that. 

And now it is time to move right in to spring! My latest design can be found on my website at This bunny is cute as can be! Dressed in his overalls he carries a sack of colored eggs and a bouquet of flowers. Colorful "penny eggs" accent the bottom edge. My model was worked all in yummy shades of wool. 

And now it is time to start our Sunday dinner. Hubby likes spaghetti on Sundays so that is what he shall have. I better hop to it! Thanks for stopping by!

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