Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Organized

New Years resolutions... I did not really make any, did you? I have however decided to attempt better organization in my home starting with my sewing room. And that is why I have been missing since Christmas LOL! This picture shows one small section of my cutting table. Piles of fabric and doodads cover every nook and cranny of my space. When my son was home over Christmas he was ironing a shirt in my "studio" where the ironing board is set up naturally. He came downstairs and looked at me weird.. and said... boy Mom, you sure have a lot of "cloth" up there! I believe he was nicely saying you are out of control LOL! I guess I was just hoping HGTV was going to come and surprise me with a room makeover. However they have not and I decided to bite the bullet and get after it. My biggest problem seems to be the closet is full and and my fabric drawers as well, I just don't know where to put it all. I have allotted myself 1 hour a day to sift through it all, 1 pile to keep, 1 to donate.

The rest of my day I am sewing, full steam ahead. International Quilt Market will be here in Kansas City this spring. I am hopping up and down excited and since I will have a booth that means I have lots of design work to do. These are the yummy colors I am working with now. I was really attracted to this fabric line by Michael Miller. Wish I could show you more but everything will be under wraps until May.

Pretty wool felt colors arrived just in time for spring stitching.

Late evenings I like to settle down with a good book. Hubby bought me a Nook for Christmas, a complete surprise. To tell you the truth I had not embraced the fact of reading digitally and I just love it. As an avid reader I enjoy being able to purchase and download my books in seconds, mwahaha, little does he know what a monster he has created!

And that is where I am headed off to now, my cozy chair, a few treats and my Nook!

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