Saturday, January 28, 2012

Come on down!

Phew, a full tummy, Hubby and I just waddled in the door. Tonight we met our son at Strouds in Kansas City, a restaurant famous since 1933 for their pan fried chicken and featured on Man VS Food. Some wonderful comfort food dished up here and folks were lined up out the door. And I thought before I put my feet up and collapse on the sofa I need to finish my blog post! Hubby drew a winning name from all 3 of you who entered LOL!

Come on down Kristin and claim your prize! Kathy and Sharon, your comments were also so sweet, Cleo said we need to send you a little something as well. We have an Annie February block with red and pink fabric strips to frame it in for you. So ladies please email your addresses and I will get these off to you! And thank you all for your comments, it was so nice to hear from you :)

This week I made a little more progress and added white sashings which I think shows off these prints nicely. I am now mulling over what to do for borders. I have some thoughts rolling around... what do you think?

It's sofa time now, Cleo needs a little cuddling, we're going to watch a movie, enjoy the weekend!


Kristen King said...

Thank you!!! :)

Sharon M. said...

A piano key border with all of the beautiful prints you used would look great. (lots of stitching, but solo worth it).

Thanks so much for the February Annie! What a great surprise.