Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quilt til you wilt

How else would you endure these 99 degree temperatures but to turn the AC up and sew. Yep, it's still pretty hot here, Cleo and I are hanging out inside sewing our little hearts out. This week I am working on a new table runner using these wonderful Christmas prints by Riley Blake. I am also trying flavored waters, trying to keep hydrated in this heat LOL! Very refreshing I have to admit, and as you can see I have yellow polish drying on my toes. Not to sure about this shade on me, think I could use a tan to set it off....dreaming of vacation. The sound of waves, drinks with little umbrellas, gathering sea shells, dinner out every night.... ah. I need to get farther away than the bath tub!

This afternoon I was in Target looking for a new summer read... and although I picked up something for me, look what else I came across... "Splat The Cat" :) I LOVE Splat The Cat books and my Grandsons love Splat because he looks like Cleo. He is also giggly and fun and the illustrations are the cutest ever, they will all enjoy these.

I purchased "1000 White Woman"- The Journals Of May Dodd on a friends recommendation, I was also looking for the Hunger Games but they did not have it. I have been so disappointed with all my book choices these past few months, craving a good read. I enjoy mostly a readers club type book, usually fiction. A book where you flow down stream with the story, sad to see it end, instead of fighting the currant to finish. So what are you reading, any suggestions for me?
Well it's back to my needle and thread for a while, and then perhaps a little reading time.
Stay cool, enjoy your week.

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Roberta said...

Glad you're staying cool and getting a lot done. Hope you enjoy your new book. I'm behind the times, but I read the "Girl with the Dragon Tatoo" series this summer and couldn't put them down. I thought they were well written but they did have a lot of kinky sex and violence. I didn't know about the "Splat the Cat" series but it sounds like the kind of book I would have enjoyed reading to my boys!~Roberta