Saturday, October 2, 2010

Back away from the computer!

Seems I've been on a little blogging break and here it is October already! Annie and I have been busy working on several projects and sometimes the only way I can truly focus is by trying to stay away from the computer! Unless I'm writing patterns of course. A new Annie has arrived and as promised here she is. What else would Annie be doing in January but ice skating! She is all bundled up in her fleece scarf and hat with the long tassel. She wears wooly long striped stockings and the mittens her Grandma knitted for Christmas. I did forget to snap a picture of the floss colors I used but the DMC color palette is as follows: #817, #3807, #598, #597, #581, #702, #938, #3607, #317 and #758.

Today was an absolutely beautiful Fall day here in Kansas. Bright sunny skies and in the 60's. Jerry and I drove to Lawrence to visit our son at KU. It seemed everyone was on the road today. Our leaves have not turned yet but the frost warning for tonight will probably start that process.

Jon had his room all spanking clean for our visit :)

Thats my boy, hmmm, I think we need a bigger desk. Cozy huh! I think I mentioned before, Jon lives in an old house on campus, over 100 years old. It is subdivided into 6 apartments. When we left Jerry turned the door knob to leave and it came off in his hand... we all looked at each other and laughed LOL! College life, gotta love it!

After visiting an antique store in downtown Lawrence we had an early dinner at "The Burger Stand At The Casbah"- WONDERFUL! Great food. Hugged my boy good bye and headed home.

Cause we have work to do! I got a new lap top that needs to be set up... so excited!

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Bridgidk said...

Your Annies are sooooo adorable!!!