Monday, September 20, 2010

The Better To See You With My Dearies!

Are these not the sweetest!! New glasses and a new look for Barbie Jo. Getting all spiffed up and updated for my big birthday this weekend, and I do mean big, like it has a zero in it LOL!
Seriously, I have been long overdue for new glasses, this weekend Hubby led me by the hand to the Eye Dr's for my exam and then patiently waited while I made my decision for frames. That is the hard part isn't it! So many choices. As you can see I chose a deep purple, my favorite color, my eyes are now back to 20/20 and gone are the granny glasses YAY!

I have been a sewing fool these past 2 weeks. Completed my table topper and sent it of to my fabulous quilting friend Brenda for quilting. Now it's back, bound and ready for some pattern instructions. Table runner #2 is just about ready to mail off to Brenda and then I can begin the last runner. Phew. In the midst of my projects my "Quilters Dream" sewing machine decided to have a meltdown and became this quilters nightmare. Lucky for me I have a back up while it's off being fixed. I'm sewing on my Hello Kitty machine! It lacks many of the fancy bells and whistles but is purring right along with me :)

I finished one more Annie, this one in red work as a pillow, my collection is growing. And so is my quilt as I just finished stitching January Annie... Whoo hooo! I'll post a picture of her later this week and she will be available soon.

This fabric is sitting on my cutting mat, my choice for my next table runner. I love these candy cane stripes, pink, raspberry and green, yum!

Speaking of yum, it's time to make dinner, better run.

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Darlene said...

Peek-a-boo - I see YOU! :-)