Thursday, August 12, 2010

The 3 A's, Annie, an Apron and August

Good morning to you! I woke up early today, so excited to start working on some new projects I have had rolling about in my head. And now 2 hours later here I still sit attached to my computer. I've read all my Face Book updates, harvested crops on my Farmville farm LOL, caught up with all my blogging friends and the latest Google news. What did we ever do before the Internet, personally I think I got a lot more done! This week was my baby sisters birthday, Happy Birthday again Darlene! I won't rat on her age, because my birthday follows hers and even though we older children are sometimes notorious for picking on our younger siblings we were pretty close as sisters go. Well I had no choice, we shared the same bedroom growing up! And sometimes that seemed like a major pain and I had green envy of friends who had their own space. But the truth of it is we talked a lot, shared clothes and music and developed a great sister bond that may not have happened otherwise. I made her this little apron to send along with her gift, Darlene is a great cook and a girl can never have enough aprons! The fabric I used is from an old tablecloth I had, probably 50's and was just large enough to cut out a skirt, waistband and ties. No pattern was needed as these are quite simple to make. The best part was not having to sew side or bottom hems due to the pre-finished edges! I like having a pocket on my aprons but in this case did not add one as I felt it would take away from the charming design. I think it turned out pretty cute!

This week I also finished my December Annie design and stitched her up! Annie loves decorating for Christmas and her kitty loves to "help"!

These are the floss colors used in this blocks palette: DMC numbers 966, 702, 899, 758, 601, 817, 3807, 3852, 3862 and black.

8 blocks finished, my quilt is growing!

And now I am off to take a look at my wool felt stash. I have been missing working with some wool and have a new penny rug design I want to play with. I'm having so much fun, I hope you are too, have a great week!


Red Geranium Cottage said...

So so so cute. I love the apron and Christmas Annie. Can't wait to get my order!!!

Jandi said...

Those blocks are so cute and I love the apron. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Super cute! I surely love that Apron!!! (hint hint - xmas present!) hehe :))) Really cute blocks mommyo! I wish I had your talent! :)