Saturday, July 18, 2009

Catch up time!

Or in Pittsburghese that would be ketchup time!
I know, I know, I am bad...... at blogging lately. This summer is just zipping by. I am having a nice quiet morning here, Hubby is golfing and Jonathan went to The Lake Of The Ozarks for the weekend. Just Cleo and me trying to share the computer chair and I thought this would be a good time to gather my thoughts.
I snagged this picture from my daughters blog. My little munchkins, I just love it! So special because all 4 cousins were able to get together for the 4th of July weekend. Not always easy to do living in neighboring states, looks like the boys had a fun filled time together. Making memories.

I've been to Pittsburgh and back, it was a quick trip really, just 4 days. And they were wonderful,
laid back and very relaxing! I stayed with my sister, she always spoils me.
We spent 2 of our days here: at Mineral Beach.

I just love it here, so perfect on a hot summer day. We used to bring the girls here when they were small. Hard to get a good picture, but this is a very unusual pool. First of all it is smack dab out in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by rolling hills, trees and fields. The pool is very old, built in the 1920s. It is unusual in that it has no defined sides, mostly shallow you can just walk in like a beach! You can also bring in all your floaty toys so children just love it. Spread your blankets out on the grass and have a picnic lunch, love it, love it, love it, and I also got a good tan!

I enjoyed lots of good Pittsburgh food and to tell you the truth isn't it always a joy to be away from cooking! I spent 3 nights with my Dad!

Now can you tell what these are? They are turkeys! We were on our way to the airport and I spotted these in their neighborhood, made my brother in law come to a screeching halt so I could take a picture! I know they think I'm crazy, but I've never had turkeys in my yard. Gobble, Gobble!

So here I am settled back in, home to the normal routine. I spent a better part of the week sewing and finishing pattern instructions for this sweatshirt, it will be on my web site tomorrow.
Enjoying the string of beautiful weather we are having, high 70s and windows open at night. Savoring summers fresh market produce, sweet corn on the cob is out, life is good.
Well I'm off to make my appetizer for tonight- couples Bunco- whoo hoo!

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