Sunday, July 5, 2009

Can you do the chicken dance?

Da, da, da,dadada, bawk, bawk bawk! Hope you all had a great 4th weekend, it's winding down for most of us now but not over yet. I cooked way too much for just the 2 of us as usual, I can't get used to this holiday 4 two thing. Jerry made his famous beer can chickens on the grill. They look so funny standing up in a line on the grill, I guess it doesn't take much to amuse me lately does it! Anyway, this is a fabulous way to grill a whole chicken, cooks up very moist and yummy!
I also made a huge pan of 7 layer salad so it's leftovers for us today. As a matter of fact Cleo and I are munching while we type, no sauce on the keyboard Cleo!

We had worked up an appetite, Jerry and I just got back from a nice little Sunday drive. We drove to Weston, MO, a historic town established in 1850, it was once the 2nd largest port town on the Missouri River, St. Louis being #1. Lewis and Clark visited Weston and you can bike the trail if you wish.

The town was all decked out in their red white and blue, don't you just love it! Cute little shops, gifty as well as antique to browse which we did. Sadly it was very noticeable how many shops were empty and closed due to the recession, many of my favourites were missing. We sat on this bench and enjoyed some good old fashioned ice cream before heading home.

And now I am off to start laundry and begin packing. Leaving bright and early Tuesday morning for Pittsburgh. Going to visit my Sis and Dad, I so cant wait!! I'll be back with lots of pics and maybe some good stories, have a great week everybody!

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

Oh sure I'll do the chicken dance for ya!!! I love your two dancin chickens. lolol