Monday, April 20, 2009

Home again, home again!

Wow, that went fast, it always seems to and here I am home once again.
The weather in Dallas was in the high 70's and after leaving a chilly 32 degree KC I couldn't believe I could wear Capri's and sandals, what a treat!
Our 1st full day we packed up the boys and a picnic lunch and went to the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens in Garland. What an beautiful way to spend a pretty day. The flower displays are breathtaking.
Besides all the gorgeous flowers there are waterfalls, sculptures, a serenity pool, lake and many miniature buildings for children to enjoy such as this cute gingerbread cottage.

Or this fanciful butterfly hut, vines covered with hundreds of hand made butterflies, a sparkly visual treat!

We kept a busy pace, each day revolves around lunch and nap times so our journeys had to happen before or after. No trip is complete without a trip to a fabric store with Grandma. The boys were fascinated with these spools of thread LOL!

Being a Mommy to twins is hard work. Keeping that thought in mind, Melissa and I escaped one afternoon for some much needed girls time out. We went to the little town of Grapevine and browsed through all the antique and artsy shops. Here I am taking a break with my new friend, he's kind of ignoring me don't you think!

We rounded off our shopping with dinner at a Mexican restaurant-Esparazas, I just love Mexican food and Texas serves up some of the best. They also had the most awesome frozen margaritas I have ever tasted!
My final morning we went to Dennys for breakfast. As we walked in 2 college age boys waiting for their table jumped up to open the doors for us. How refreshingly nice that was. A lovely start to a long day ahead.
My journey home was truthfully pretty excruciating. My flight out of Dallas was delayed 8 hours due to the flooding and severe storms around Houston. All it takes is a little Mother Nature acting up to back up an airport. So I settled in for the long haul with hundreds of other travellers and attempted to amuse myself as best as I could. I'll tell you I dropped lots of money at that airport while trying to do so! Lets see, for starters I had lunch at MacDonald's and later dinner at Pizza Hut. I bought 3 magazines and snacks in-between. I listened to every tune on my Ipod, all 6,000 LOL! I did have a book with me, I just didn't feel I could tune out enough to concentrate on that. The terminal seemed to buzz like a hive, everyone on cell phones, crying babies, children running around, thank goodness I had only myself to entertain. I really wished I had a laptop with me. By 9pm we finally had a plane, pilot and crew and were able to depart to a round of cheers.
Home again, home again lickety split!

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