Monday, April 13, 2009

All set to go!

Happy day after Easter! To those I did not get the chance to talk to yesterday, I hope yours was wonderful. Ours was quiet but sometimes quiet is nice. I made a lovely brunch for the 4 of us and after that Jerry and I were on our own as Jon and Carly headed back down to school.
I sat and bound my quilt. Then it was on to making my big list of errands to do for today before
leaving for Dallas tomorrow.
I am pretty near packed other than those last minute items that have to wait. And as you can see Cleo is camped out as usual on my suitcase! She looks a bit cranky, you mean I'm not going she said, humffff!

The ugly dolls are in my carry-on along with a "People" and stack of quilt magazines. I am off to visit my 3 year old twin Grandsons, Aiden & Brandon. I am soooo excited! I hear they are going to be keeping me busy LOL!
Have a wonderful week!

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Red Geranium Cottage said...

Have fun on your trip!!! I know you will.