Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sleepless in KC

What do you do when you have a night where you just cant fall asleep no matter how tired you are? I used to get up and read a chapter, even sew a little or putter around the house. Lately I do a little blog surfing or write my next entry.
It sure is quiet here. Jerry has gone hunting for the weekend. Just Cleo and Me. I allow her to sleep in our bed when Daddy's gone. Probably one of the reasons I did not fall asleep easily. Cleo is a bed hog, and she snores! She sure is content.

Each year I search for new Christmas music to add to our collection. Nothing has struck my fancy until tonight, and then I found it, just one little song, by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It's called "Christmas Canon". If I shut my eyes for a moment I am drifting back to my childhood perhaps. It is Christmas Eve, we have gone to candlelight service at church. The windows are dressed with large wreaths and red bows, candles glow in the center of each. Large flakes of snow are drifting down. We children are fidgeting with Christmas Eve excitement. A strong piano introduction begins, a symphony joins in, children in their choir robes walk down the aisle singing and then fan out across the front of the church. They are singing the most beautiful song and we are overcome with awe. I feel bad when the song ends and this lovely vision disappears also. Was I dreaming LOL? Maybe you're thinking, sheesh, Barbie Jo really should get some rest now LOL!! I do enjoy my music. I guess I became lost in the moment. Yet sometimes during this hectic time of the year I feel we need to become lost in a "moment", a time to reflect on the true meanings of this joyous season. Okay, I am heading off to bed. I have lots to do tomorrow! Orders to fill, a house to clean, baking and shopping, you know the routine! And my munchkins are coming for a quick visit this week, I have to get ready!! YIKES!!

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