Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cookies and more!

OOOOPS.....I posted my blog with no type, I think Christmas madness has taken over!
Okay, lets fix it. I love this magazine, I am always tempted to buy it for the beautiful photography on the cover and throughout. Just look at those cookies!

I did not make any of these cookies though, I just like to look at the beautiful presentation and then mix up a batch from one of my Moms recipes. My kids want the same cookies I have made forever and ever, no other type can do, there can be no variation or they would have a cow.
That being said, yesterday I made Candy Cane cookies. I have never seen this recipe anywhere, at least not the old original recipe. They are YUMMY and always requested when I give a platter of cookies, so Martha, if you need this recipe just give me a call!

This morning I was sifting through my Christmas fabric stash and came across this vintage piece. I have been saving it for a special project, just haven't found the right use for it yet. Isn't it darling! Cute kitties sound asleep waiting for Santy Claws to come. I love the colors!

The 1st spot I decorate each year is my china hutch. I have a collection of cute 50s era Christmas girl vase/figurines I cant wait to unwrap from their tissue nests and fill it with. How adorable are these little girls in their fur trimmed coats, little hats and muffs, all wrapped up for winter to deliver their gifts!

I hope you are ready for Christmas because I am so not! All of my out of town packages were mailed and then it seems I came to a screeching halt. I have not shopped for Jerry or Jon yet.
I just need to make one little swoop to get it done. Our weather has not been co operative for shopping. Like many in the Mid West we have been down to a bone chilling 1 degree with snow and ice off and on. I keep thinking, tomorrow I will go get it done. And probably everyone else will be doing the same so it will be a shopping nightmare!
7 days and counting, yikes, have a fabulous week!


Anonymous said...

Well yes we would have a cow! NO cookies match Moms-not even Martha Stewart! Made my candycanes, although they are not as pretty as yours, I guess I need to make them for over 20 years and then they will be as perfect as yours! Miss you Mommy. Love you!


Anonymous said...

I will never ever be able to make cookies like you! :*( Today we tried the peanut ones! Look how funny those turned out! LOL (pics on blog) Please send us some candy cances and sugar cookies, OH and I need thumb prints and those white ones :P


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love your old decorations. Oh I mean vintage. LOL Very very cute. Martha does know how to do a mag cover doesnt she?? Or her peeps do. I need peeps like that.
The cookies look yum yum of course. I made cookies all afternoon. Choc. chippers of course. Hunkas favorite.
Merry Christmas!!!