Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A weekend getaway

Good morning and happy Wednesday or hump day for many people! The rock pictured looks like one large hump, but it is not! This is actually an Oklahoma historical landmark named Rock Mary, a large natural sandstone mound, once a prominent marker on the California road traveled by those brave pioneers in the mid 1800s. This unique landmark is on my son in law and daughters property where we spent last weekend!

Our whole little family was invited for a get together here for the weekend. What fun it was to see all the grandsons together! Climbing the rock is a must of course and it is larger than you might think at 60 feet high.

Some pretty scrubby floral. Not so pretty are all the little pricker balls that attach themselves to your clothing and shoes though.

Our three wonderful children and our soon to be daughter in law!

Last post I told you I was working on a special little sewing project. Many years ago I made a bedspread for our oldest daughter. It was made from pieces of her old clothing. Long before the days of quilt stores, rotary cutters and such, actually long before I knew anything about quilting. I could hardly call it a quilt by todays standards, but it was squares pieced together with tulip shapes appliquéd on top of some. I backed it with a printed sheet! Anyways, it had been hanging out here for a long time, used as a picnic blanket and stowed away in the garage. Last month I came upon it and thought, it should really go to our daughter, so I yanked it out and washed it. Some of the fabric squares were worn thin and torn. I replaced those and added new binding. Here she is sitting on top of her bedspread with all her dollies!

I brought it with me to Oklahoma to give her, and here she is today trying to recreate her childhood picture lol! 

Our Oklahoma kids fed us well and we had a wonderful visit. The night before we left Erin, took this neat family picture, the timing is just right as you can see, the sun receding on top of the hill silhouetting our bodies, isn't it great! 

And so now it's back to normal here! The kitchen is still 1/2 finished, the Christmas clock is counting down, my sewing room beckons, lots to do, lots to do!

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WoolenSails said...

It looks like a fun place to get out and enjoy the outdoors and i love the sunset photo.
That is so sweet that she has her old quilt back with a few fixes and lots of good memories.