Friday, October 31, 2014

Road Trip

Hubby and I made a quick run to Oklahoma City this week. We wanted to see our Grandson William play a game of football before the season is over. How fun to see him play, they sure start them young don't they! It was chilly out on that field, the temps dropped quickly along with the sun, I wished I had brought my fleece blankie!

After the game and a quick bite to eat with the kids, Hubby and I were ready to settle into our 
temporary digs after a long day of driving and anticipation. Our hotel was decked out for Halloween!

Pumpkins and goblins galore!

Next morning Hubby was up and at it early with our daughter having coffee at a hip spot in town.
They then visited the Museum of Modern Art while I progressed at a more leisurely pace.
He and Erin then picked me up for lunch.

And what a beautiful lunch it was! Kitchen 324 in downtown OKC, the prettiest restaurant I have seen in awhile. The food presentations were beautiful and very tasty!

Next stop at Oklahoma Contemporary Art Center where our daughter works. We had a tour of the building and viewed the current exhibit by K. Yoland. (Hubby and Erin deep in thought in the distance).

Then it was back into town to view the installation piece Terra, by artist Orly Genger on loan to Oklahoma Contempoary. This sculpture was made from long pieces of rope knotted and crocheted, inspired by the Oklahoma soil it was painted terra cotta. 

Back to our hotel for a little rest, next up... a trip to Eichens in Okarche Oklahoma for dinner. Eichens is an Oklahoma legend being the oldest bar in Oklahoma, but famous for their fabulous fried chicken and okra! Nothing fancy here, just the best chicken ever!!

Grandsons William and Alexander love it!

And from here we said our good nights and goodbyes. It was a busy full visit, time to get a good night sleep before heading home to Kansas City and our Daisy in the morning!
Lots to get ready for here, Grandpa is visiting from Florida next week.. to celebrate his 93rd birthday! 

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