Saturday, September 20, 2014

A little girl time

A week has passed by since my friend Patty went home and I am adjusting to a less exciting pace. Much less....I mean the highlight for me this week was getting a flu and shingles shot LOL! Kind of a let down after a week of girl time. I think Patty and I managed to do a little bit of everything. We ate out more than we cooked, sometimes that just involved ice-cream for dinner, sewed in our pi's, a little shopping, sightseeing, and a movie too. The movie we saw was "Chef", cute but to tell you the truth the theatre was so dark and that reclining seat so relaxing, I fell asleep twice LOL! Pictured below is a chalk art painting that captured my eye while we were at the chalk art festival in Kansas City, I love the bright colors and mashed chalk bits incorporated into this piece. 

We celebrated my birthday early, Patty made my favorite cake.. banana nut and it was delicious!
Daisys' eyes were all aglow when the candles were lit and she was very afraid of the singing kitty on my card! Next week is my real birthday, just in case anybody forgets LOL!

We worked on a little crazy wool mat I designed as we sewed, lots of chocolate and laughter were involved as well! I love working with wools, sewing by hand is a satisfying change that I was ready for. As a matter of fact I am felting a batch of wool felt today. Cant wait to play with it...enjoy your weekend!

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