Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sum Sum Summertime!

Wow, who turned on the heat, summer time has arrived! 
Being as today was to be the coolest day of the week, a mere 87 degrees, Hubby and I decided this should be our outdoor adventure day, a picnic at the park. I made yummy egg salad sandwiches, I just love egg salad don't you? All packed up in my cute little basket with some sketch pads off we went. The quilt under my basket which you can hardly see is the 1st quilt I ever made 41 years ago! There was no pattern involved, or fabric purchasing. I used scraps of our 1st daughters outgrown clothing and sewed squares together with some applique tulips in the center of every other square, it was just a home sewing scrap project for her bed. It is now pretty tattered and has become the picnic quilt. What a nice memory of a cute little girl and all those sweet little sundresses I had made for her. 

And look what I found, a very old picture of our Melissa on her quilt with just a few of her stuffed animals lol. The photo quality is poor, what a long way cameras have come since then, but you get the idea! What a cutie :)

Well to tell you the truth Hubby and I just had to laugh. Our picnic lunch was great but sitting for a long spell on the ground was not as easy as it used to be so out came the soft fold up chairs. 
I brought an Annie to stitch, as you can see she is nearly finished. Fish were jumping from the lake and birds were chattering, it was a relaxing way to spend the afternoon. 

I have several projects in the works right now. This little reindeer wall hanging will soon be a new pattern, just as soon as I get a cover for it off to the printer it will go.

My next design arrived in todays mail, home from Brenda's expert quilting. I have to sew the binding on and start writing the pattern, I better quit goofing off now and get busy! 

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