Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Are You Ready?

How can this ever be... 6 more days until Christmas! Are you ready??

I spent the better part of my weekend baking cut outs and icing them. I said I was not going to make cut outs this year as they are so time consuming. Several years ago I gave my Moms vintage cookie cutters to our daughters thinking they would carry on the tradition which so far they are not really in to, so I had to improvise with my 2 sorry little cookie cutters and a glass! But to tell you the truth it does not quite feel like Christmas with out these cookies, besides being my favorite, they are loaded with Christmas memories of my Mom, they make me smile :)

Dinners have been really simple this week, just grabbing a sandwich or pizza. However in keeping with the season I did treat us to lovely desserts from Andres, my favorite Suisse pastry chocolate shop. Pots of creme.. beautiful, decadent and very yummy! 

On my cutting board, adorable Valentine fabric from Pam Kitty Morning! I am itching to sew but don't feel I'll find the time until after Christmas!

To end our weekend, Saturday evening we had dinner with friends at The American Restaurant at Crown Center in Kansas City. Table seating offers spectacular views of the city through floor to ceiling windows. With the city all decked out for Christmas this was an especially beautiful time of the year to have dinner here. The tall tree pictured is the Mayors Christmas tree. Our waitress told us an interesting story about it. She said that the tree comes in from Oregon by flat bed truck with all of the branches cut off so that the tree looks like a long stem of asparagus. It is then reassembled branch by coded branch, isn't that amazing!

Time for me to get back to work here, we have a very very exciting weekend coming up!!
May the rest of your week be merry and bright!

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Roberta said...

Sounds like a great week leading up to Christmas! I have made a lot of cookies in the past, but not this year! When I see beautiful ones like yours, though, I resolve to find the time to do something like this next year! I've never eaten at the American Restaurant--what a perfect view! ~Roberta