Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My goodness it has been awhile, seems like I've had my head buried in the sand over here.
To tell you the truth, the past month has just slid right on by me. Hubby and I made a much needed quick trip to OKC to get my Nana fix. Our daughter drove up from Dallas with the twins also and we were able to see all 4 boys at once. Four little boys age 5 to 7, phew, that is a lot of
energy in once space LOL! So fun to see them all together and enjoying some Cousin moments.
The drive in between Oklahoma City and Kansas City is one long 5 hour stretch of highway with little of interest to look at. The picture below is the highlight of our drive. Now don't laugh, but really, this is a beautiful area called the Flint Hills and is just north of Wichita. Miles and miles and grassy gently rolling plains, mesmerizingly beautiful, a picture can not take in the scope of its beauty.

Most of the ride I chat to Hubby while I sit and stitch. This is the 1st block in my new series "Stitchin' Kittens".

Then home again all to fast, back to our routines. I spent the rest of the week at the kitchen table doing this...

And preparing for Easter. Next moving on to putting my house in order for my Father In Laws arrival from Florida!

9 days later and all is quiet once again. Hubby is back to work, my Father In Law is back in Florida.
Winter has finally let go of us and the sun is out, the AC is on. I am enjoying stitching on my back porch to the tunes of a very happy bird population and block #2 is stitched, coming soon, just for you!

Now that tranquility has been restored.... the house painters have arrived :) We are having the outside of our house repainted, something you do about every 7 years here in Kansas. Keeping my fingers crossed our color choices look good!
Have a pleasant week and happy stitching!

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