Sunday, February 7, 2010

A little sick kitty :(

Oh my, Cleo and I have been very busy this past week, running back and forth to the vet. Cleo is 10 years old now, not that old for a kitty, but she has been showing signs of somethings not quite right. She has been drinking lots of water, I mean LOTS! Jerry would say to me, gee, I just filled her bowl! So I gave her a bigger bowl, and then a bigger bowl, pretty soon I could have just sat the kitchen sink on the floor. Now you know what goes in must come out, so next I was buying box after box of kitty litter. I googled "cat drinks and pees a lot" (aren't computers an amazing source for info) and every article I read seemed to point to feline diabetes. We made a vet appt and ran blood work which came back as expected.
Insulin was prescribed for her and back we went to learn how to give shots. YIKES.... I was really not looking forward to this part, I mean Cleo is not that laid back and I was afraid of not doing it right... UG! So Cleo and I have been working this out this past week, we are both getting a little more used to the routine, she needs a shot twice a day, 8am and 8pm. We will continue monitoring Cleo with her vet to stabilize her condition and hopefully enjoy many more kitty years.

Hubby brought me these flowers the other day, they sure were a bright spot in a stressful week.

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Yesterday I wrote out all my cards and boxed up goodies for all my little Grandsons. I love Valentines Day, the colors, glitter and sparkles, the chocolate :)

Browsing lots of reading material while at the vets. I love this one- Phyllis Hoffmans- Celebrate Winter. Such eye candy, the photography on every page is amazing, lots of wonderful recipes as well. If you love to entertain this ones for you!

And then there is the latest Hancock's catalog. I have been circling all the fabric I want like a kid at Christmas with a Sears catalog. I don't know how fabric can get any better, each new line is more amazing than the last!

Hope you all are keeping warm and cozy with all the snow storms that have been blowing across the country. I dare not whine about the measly 7 inches we got on Friday after talking to my east coast relatives.
Next on my agenda is a little packing. Getting ready to head out for a few days. Maybe I'll have a few pics when I get back.... a little hint.... Elvis can marry you here!
XO Barbie Jo and Cleo

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Anonymous said...

awww! :( Big kisses for Miss Cleo, she is so beautiful! My Kitty says Mew to her! hehe :) Pretty flowers too!!! xoxoxo The boys LOVE their monkeys! Still play with them all the time and they go to bed with them along with the toy guns! :D