Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hugs and Hisses

Hi, Cleo here! Well I'll tell you.... it's been 3 weeks since my Mother Barbie Jo posted and I told her to dig her head out of the sand and get after it. She gave me that look, you know that look. So I just said what the heck, I'll just surprise her and do it myself, I am CEO of this company after all. And you know it's not that hard but these pictures did take quite awhile to size and download. Here I am all set up at my Mac, I love typing!

Actually I think my Moms mind has been in the vacation mode lately, but physically her body is not going anywhere LOL! To tell you the truth she has been spending lots of time on Face Book, so if you want to join her friends list hop on over and do so! We are hard at work on a new pattern, a red work pattern. There are 9 blocks of stitchery and that is pretty time consuming!
I found this wonderful Christmas fabric for the borders and sashings.

I also help with the stitching and am also in charge of the floss basket, I just don't know what she would do with out me!

This is the backing fabric we chose. It reminds me of an antique postcard I once saw which had cats swinging on Christmas bells, I think that would be fun to try.

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me.... did you know this is my birth month? I am 10 years old now! Wow, these cat years are just flying by. I was hoping my Mom would buy me a new bowl for my food. I mean just look at this bowl I have now, it's so small I can barely fit my head in it. I know it's an antique, but it has Scottie dogs on it, sheesh. I would rather have a cute little bird design or some happy cats, and really, just BIGGER! I'm not a baby anymore.

I get the hint, I think they are trying to trick me. They think I need to diet. 5 years ago when we moved here I walked this shelf that surrounds part of the kitchen. My mother just about had a heart attack when she 1st saw me try it. She thought I would end up on top of the ceiling fan. LOL. Well, I thought it was great fun, something new to do. Today I probably can't fit on that shelf for sure! But really, it just doesn't interest me any more. I just want a bigger food bowl!

Hugs and hisses,


creativemom said...

Mom. You have lost your mind. I am laughing my head off. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Cleo, Happy Birthday. We agree you need a nice BIG bowl. Go Penguins. beat the Wings. Love your dog cousins in the 'Burgh, Tessa and Mattie