Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back on track

Well it has been awhile! I had to pretty much ban myself from the computer to get anything done around here. It is much worse than TV. I can get pretty involved blog hopping and spend hours looking around and getting very little accomplished on the home front.
As you can see I am still tackling the spring cleaning, or weeding out I should say. Looks like all I did here was make my stacks a little neater LOL.

Actually I have spent most of my time lately holed up in the sewing room. Nearly done with a new sweatshirt pattern. I'll be able to show the whole thing next week once I take pictures for the cover. The colors are gorgeous, rich wool applique shades for fall. Included in the pattern is a cute little wristlet purse to take a long and stash your keys/cell phone in.

Cleo never lays on her back. Only son Jon is able to cradle her like a sleeping baby, she just loves him!

Just had to throw in a few pics of the double trouble munchkins. They recently visited the Dallas arboretum. Judging by all the pics their Mommy took, what a FABULOUS place to visit. I won't bore you with all 20 pics. Here is Aiden, he just thinks this rattlesnake sculpture is a riot!
Brandon has to check out this oriental sculpture before entering the bamboo gardens, anything in there? Hope your hand doesn't get stuck!

This baby deer is very cute. Oh my gosh, don't you just love this age!
The weather here has finally settled in to spring, plenty of sun and 70's. So nice to have the doors and windows open once again.
I imagine most of you are getting ready for a nice long Memorial Day weekend. We'll be hanging out here. Maybe Hubby and I will take a nice little day trip to get out and about. These holidays are always hard for him. He really REALLY misses having the kids near by, a big picnic with lots of yard games. Boy o boy he loves croquet, boccie and jarts!
You all have a nice one and travel safe!

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